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How important is a name?

​It's the first question we ask when we learn about a newborn child. It's the first thing we say when we meet someone new. In other words, your name is the single most important piece of information you can share.

What do your badges, nameplates, and small signage say about your business?

If a place of business has handwritten signs or badges made with labeling tape, the customer is less likely to trust in the longevity of the employees -- or even the business itself. They may choose to patronize another company with a stronger sense of permanence -- no matter how much better the services or products provided by the first company may be. Engraved badges, nameplates, and small signage also have a positive effect on a business's employees. A personalized name badge or plate tells the employee that the company expects them to be around for the foreseeable future, giving them a sense of pride and responsibility. Let KEPCO help you to create a positive, professional and customized image that suits your business needs.

Do you want new people to feel welcome?

Few situations are more intimidating that being introduced to a large group of people who are already familiar with one another. Whether you belong to a church, a charity, or a social group, badges not only give members a sense of belonging, they also create a welcoming and comfortable environment for visitors. KEPCO will work with you to design the perfect, distinctive badge for your organization.

​KEPCO. Because names matter.

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